Change is good


It’s taken me way too long to decide to simplify this aspect of my life but nonetheless, the wheels are in motion. Over the next few months I will close all of Psychtrader except the Market Awareness Profile (MAP).

This has not been an easy decision but one that is due. I’ve been engaged in the financial industry for well over a decade now helping others on the psychological aspects of the markets. While helping others achieve mastery in the financial markets is rewarding, it lacks something. What that is I’m not sure but I believe change will help me define it.

This site is the first step. Secondly, my twitter handle will change from psychtrader to djmphd. The content I share will also change in that it will become less focused on the markets and more on general psychological areas of interest of mine.

I’ll never leave the financial industry as it’s been a defining part of who I am over the last 12 years. In fact, one are of recent focus for me is volatility in the financial markets. Expect more in this area from me in the coming months.

I truly appreciate all that follow and interact with me on Twitter. My hope is that you find even more value from the changes that I’ve put in motion.