What are you doing with your 0.1% edge?

I recently read The Edge Effect by Dr. Eric Braverman. If you are interested in nootropics or brain health, you should read it. Here’s a quick snippet:

For all that we humans tend to emphasize our differences, biologically speaking we are truly the same. The proof is in our DNA: the human genome sequence is more than 99.9 percent the same in all people. However, that 0.1 percent difference is all it takes for some of us to be healthy and others ill, some tall and others short, some quick-witted and others dull.

While DNA codes our behaviors and physical functions, it is not at the heart of what makes each of us unique. Our DNA is only as good as the transport system it creates for the transmission of information.

So what does make us unique? It’s the connection between the brain and the body. This connection is one aspect of “the edge.” When our edge is healthy we succeed, when it’s sick, we fail. A 0.1% edge isn’t much, or is it? Think about that before you answer. Time to get healthy and sharpen that edge!